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About NetGames

Founded in January 2000, NetGames is dedicated to bringing online games to the public. Through our upcoming gaming service, you'll be able to play hundreds of games-some free, some 3rd party proprietary titles, and some of our very own titles-more easily than you ever have before. NetGames understands the online gaming experience and we're about to revolutionize it.

In the meantime, we've put together this casual gaming website full of free, fun web games, including the best chess game on the net:

The NetGames team includes:

John Moore - Chief Executive Officer - is a seasoned CEO. He was previously CEO of Mindscape-Broderbund, a leading interactive game and entertainment software publisher. John was also former President of Parker Brothers Games; CEO of Western Publishing/Golden Books, President of Penguin Publishing, and Vice President of General Mills and Tonka Corp. John is a graduate of McGill University.

John Fanning - Chairman of the Board - is a game enthusiast and a technology visionary. He is the founder of NetGames, NetMovies, and Napster. A former leader of the Boston Specialty Trading team at Fidelity Investments, John assembled the technology team that created the proprietary scaleable technology owned by NetGames.

Thomas Carmody - Vice President of Marketing - is considered one of the strongest marketing talents in American industry. As a member of the early Nike management team, Tom helped build Nike into one of the most highly recognized brand names in the world. Later, as President of Reebok North America, he set the standards that transformed "sneakers" into a world-class sportswear industry. Tom is a graduate of Stanford University and the Law School of the University of California.

Brian McBarron - Vice President of Technology - has developed highly acclaimed and award winning online versions of many classic games, including chess, pool, backgammon, and competition solitaire. Brian is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, considered to be one of the foremost institutions for computer science education, where he finished first in his class.

Michael Iverson - Director of Multimedia Design - Founder of Iverson Design & Animation, is a former publisher for State Street Research & Management Company. Michael has a long history of multimedia design skills and experience from traditional cel and stop-motion to 3d design and animation involving interactive presentations for web CD-ROM and DVD.

Scott Bradburn - Project Leader - is an expert gamer and has published several strategy guides and a comprehensive player analysis on competitive fighting games. Scott holds a degree in Computer Science from MIT.

Yasser Seirawan - Chess Division President - is the highest ranked American chess grandmaster both nationally and internationally. He has defeated both Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov in tournament play. Also a celebrated chess author, Yasser has written six books in the award-winning Play Winning Chess series published by Microsoft Press.

Roman Dzindzichashvili - Instruction and Tournament Director - has been ranked as one of the top ten chess players in the world and is considered the worlds top chess trainer. Roman will provide game instruction on for chess and other classic games.