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Netgames knows that privacy on the Internet is a great concern to many people and our members' privacy is one of our most important values. We want to ensure our users that will not willfully disclose any specific individual information about its members (including e-mail addresses) to any third party unless they give us their express permission (by claiming a prize, for example). The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you, as a welcome visitor to, (1) what kinds of information we may gather about you when you visit; (2) how we may use that information; (3) whether we disclose it to anyone; and (4) the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct, the information. Finally, please note that this policy applies only to and Web sites that carry the, and not to other companies' or organizations' Web sites to which we link. Please take a minute to read the following policy so that you may understand how we treat your personal information. As we update and expand our services, this policy might change, so please feel free to revisit this privacy policy periodically. If you have questions about our services please e-mail us at

Children's Privacy Policy is not directed at children under the age of 13. Users must be 13 years of age or older to register for In order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, will not accept registrations from users who are 12 and under. Users who are currently 13 years of age or older may register normally. After April 20, 2000, will not knowingly collect any information, including demographic data or other personally identifiable data, from users aged 12 and under. If a child sends feedback or e-mail to, their contact information will be used only to respond to their question or request. does not distribute any information or data on children to any third parties. does not allow children to publicly post or distribute any personally identifiable information to others. If you have questions about our children's policy, you can contact us at

Information gathers and tracks collects information from its users in the form of general demographic data and occasionally specific personal information. The aggregate demographic and tracking information we collect is sometimes shared with our advertisers, partners and sponsors. Specific personal information is collected only when a player wins one of our optional prize-based games (e.g., Chess). Under the conditions of winning a prize, users must agree to guidelines that allow us to use their name, likeness and other information for promotional material.

Registration process
Our site's registration form requires new users to provide a "screen name" (their "handle" or moniker on our system) and contact information in the form of their e-mail address. We also require new users to enter general demographic information, including U.S. zip code, year of birth, gender, and country. During the registration process, the user has the option to choose to receive our promotional e-mail mailings and those of selected companies we do business with. Users can, at a future date, choose to unsubscribe to this e-mail list through instructions contained in the mailing or through the client. This demographic information collected during registration is occasionally shared in aggregate form with our advertisers, partners and sponsors.

Web site tracking data
We use "cookies" (see definition below) and other methods to monitor our Web site usage. This traffic data is collected in an aggregate form and used by our marketing team in the following ways: to determine high-traffic areas of our site, to locate areas of improvement to our service, to judge how well certain games are received, to select additional, similar games for our service and in other marketing-related tasks. We also collect information on the "stickiness" of certain Web pages and our site in general and share this data with third parties. No personally-identifiable information is used in this tracking procedure and thus personal information is not shared with any third parties.

Feedback and bug reporting
Members have the option to provide us with Web-based feedback and also to report bugs (defects) in our games. The feedback and bug reports are read by a subset of employees, including, but not limited to, our Customer Service department. Important feedback/bug reports are forwarded to the appropriate department in our company (engineering, marketing, etc.). Both the feedback and bug reporting sections ask for the user's screen name and an e-mail address. The e-mail address may be used in case we need further information about a reported bug or for other feedback-related purposes, and will not be distributed to any third parties. Any personal information included in the feedback and bug reports is not recorded or saved in our database. Our feedback section is designed to be used in a number of ways. Users can report on abusive players (which are identified by their screen name), request features or games to our service, pass along compliments or gripes, and enter various other comments. Bug reports are entered by our users and contain information on the following: problems with our sign on process, problems with a specific game, browser issues and compatibility problems, and other miscellaneous problems. Feedback and bug reports, and the aggregate data therein, are primarily gathered for our internal use only and are not directly distributed (except in aggregate form upon request) to any third parties.

Member surveys
We occasionally run marketing-driven surveys on our site. These surveys are used to fully understand our audience, to provide better service, as a factor in determining new features and games to add to our service and to collect more specific aggregate demographic information. These surveys are always optional to the user. Data collected from member surveys are used by our marketing department and occasionally shared in aggregate form with our advertisers and sponsors. No personally-identifiable information is ever disclosed to a third party as part of our member surveys.

Prizes and verification information
Some of games reward successful players with prizes or gold points that can take the form of cash or other miscellaneous prizes. These prizes are only eligible to certain residents that are 18 years of age or more. Cash prizes require the collection of specific personal individual information for income tax purposes. This specific information includes: full legal name, complete address (city, state, country and zip/postal code), a social security number, or social insurance number, and date of birth. All information must be completed in full as described in our Affidavit of Eligibility and must be accurate in order to receive a prize. If this information is not collected and verified, the prize will not be awarded. also reserves the right to use the collected personal information in advertising, promotional and/or marketing materials as described in the Liability and Publicity release on our secure Web-based prize claim form. Games where prizes are awarded are not a required part of our service. Thus, the personal information provided to us through our prize claim form is the result of a completely voluntary action in playing the prize-based games. If the user so desires, they can play any games with a prize component and choose to with-hold their personal information (thus forfeiting the prize).

Miscellaneous information gathered and/or tracked
In addition to the above-listed data that we collect or track, we also display some non-personally identifiable data. These items consist of player rating information (your skill level and ranking on a particular game), any prize winnings, and player game statistics (number of games played, wins and losses, etc.). In the cases stated on the previous line, only a player's screen name (their chosen "handle") will be displayed, and no personally-identifiable information will be shown.

Why we collect (and distribute) aggregate information
Because derives its revenue primarily from advertisers, partners and sponsors, providing demographic aggregate data from registration, surveys and the like is crucial to our business strategy and to keeping our service free for our members. We provide this aggregate data to our advertisers so that they can better understand our membership and create better offers to our membership. In addition, this aggregate data is used internally by our marketing and engineering groups to find ways to improve our service and provide a better user experience to our members.

"Cookies" and their uses
This site uses small data files called "cookies" that are created and then stored on a user's hard drive. These cookie files can contain information such as screen names and passwords, demographic information as well as tracking data. These cookies only contain information that you provide in some manner. Our cookies cannot read any information, personal or otherwise, from your hard drive and cannot read cookies created by other Web sites.

Accepting cookies
You should have your Web browser set up to accept cookies, or you may be unable to play games on our system. A browser's initial configuration is to allow cookies, but if you've adjusted your browser settings to warn you before accepting cookies, you will receive a warning message each time we send (or check) a cookie to your computer.

Why do we use cookies on our site?
We use cookies on our pages for a variety of purposes. In some cases, our cookies store your screen and password so that you don't have to sign on to our service again (as long as you're using the same computer) since cookies are stored on your computer, not ours. We also use them to track the number of page views and the "stickiness" on those pages. In addition, we store our system's "preference" information in cookies (saving such things as screen size, "friends lists" and other non-personally-identifiable information). We encrypt these cookies for added security.

Advertisers and their cookies
Our sponsors and advertisers may use cookies within their advertisements or promotions that could potentially collect information about you or your Web usage. does not control this flow of information and it may be difficult to discern which cookies are coming from our site and which are coming from our advertisers. We try to ensure that our advertisers and sponsors adhere to our privacy practices, but if you have any concerns about the information they may be gathering, it's best if you contact those advertisers directly.

This site uses the services of Engage for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, Engage collects and stores anonymous data typically through the use of cookies. To learn more about Engage, including your ability to opt out of the Engage system, go to

Use of public chat rooms
As part of gaming service, we provide areas where players can engage in public chat. Users in these chat rooms are identified solely by their user-created screen names on our service. Please remember that any information you disclose within these forums becomes public knowledge. Users should never disclose any personal information in these areas. is not responsible for any knowledge you choose to disclose.

Opt-out policy provides its players with choices of whether to divulge demographic or personally-identifiable information wherever possible. In some cases (see "Prize and verification information" above), personal information must be collected. In cases like these, the option is always there to not participate in those areas. During the registration process, users can opt to not receive our e-mail newsletter and opt to provide a false e-mail address rather than their proper one. However, providing a false e-mail address will make that user ineligible to claim and collect prizes from our games and contests that award them. The user has the option to change their e-mail address after registration, if they choose to do so. If you have questions about our opt-out policy, you can contact us at

Correction/update information
We provide the ability to change certain aspects of your user profile and preference settings. Specifically, we give the user the chance (after registration) to change their e-mail address, screen size preference, "friends lists" and other preference data stored on our computers or through cookies on your computer. If you have questions about how to correct or update your user information, or if you want to adjust demographic information not mentioned above, please contact us at

Cancelling your account
Currently, there is no way to cancel your account with us. However, there is no penalty for leaving your account dormant, since we will not delete it automatically. You can, however, remove yourself from our electronic-based newsletters by following the unsubscribe information contained in our newsletters. If you are unable to change certain aspects of your user information, or want further clarification on how to remove yourself from our newsletter mailing list, please contact us at

Contacting Us
If you have any further questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, you can contact:

Denise Alexander
Business Development Manager 165 Nantasket Beach Avenue
Hull, MA 02045
(541) 345-5892